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About Us

We started our Agency around the same time we had gotten married back in 2011. We had big plans for a Honeymoon somewhere tropical where we would dig our toes in the sand and drink those ridiculously delicious umbrella drinks. Instead, we took all our savings and big trip money and started our Agency. As young 20 somethings we had BIG dreams for our family. On that journey, we have come to know Ramen nights and the thrill of hand me downs just to pay the bills. We know you work hard to provide the best life for you and/or your family. So, we have made it our goal to protect your present finances and your future dreams. We care about you and want to save you from a financially devastating event. Thank you for trusting us with your family.  


Leland Kimball

Co-owner of the Kimball Agency & part of the Coast Guard Reserves. Loves spending time with his kids/family, gaming & hiking. 

Meet Our Team


Brittany Kimball

Co-owner of the Kimball Agency & 3rd generation Agent. Mom of 2 who loves to knit and bake!


James Ford

Our 'Customer Service Representative' who loves to spend time with his three dogs and go on road trips!

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